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When we decided to move to the ‘side of a mountain’ in the Scenic Rim we knew we had three major Priorities.

  • Water
  • Solar Power
  • Erosion Control

These were major issues that needed to be addressed because of existing issues(Erosion), or were major issues that needed to be addressed to ensure our lifestyle choices(Solar/Water)


Water Storage

Water was always going to be an issue here at Arborlon. We are 400 metres above sea level and on the side of a steep(sometimes very steep!) mountain.  This means our ‘flat’ land is limited and access to the property is also limited.

There is an existing 27,000 litre water tank on the level below the house and it has been in that position for many years, and through some neglect and mismanagement it leans on a sharp angle and it’s outlet is at the very base of the tank.

The Original Water Tank

The Original Water Tank


The tank currently sits on an angle of about 12 degrees.  This impacts the total volume held by the tank, and by my estimations we may be 5-7000 down on potential capacity.

Also there has been significant erosion where the overflow of the water tank is placed.  This erosion has effected that tank level and the lower track by washing away large chunks of the hill, and depositing them on the lower path.


With our plans to care for the current gardens and to significantly expand those gardens, we will need lots of water.

Our intention is to double the existing water supply, and also make it more accessible and use gravity-feeding wherever we can.  We already have a number of small tanks that we will be placing in available spots around the property.

Access is going to be a significant issue as the tank level is 100m+ away from the road and  50+ metres below the road level. At first look it will be impossible to get a large tank down to the tank level, so other options will have to be explored.


Checkout the LOTE News for updates on our water situation.