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Solar Panel Angle/Tilt

Prior to coming to Arborlon we had our off grid solar system set up at our house in Brisbane. So we had a good understanding of off grid solar and how it works and performs on a day to day basis.

One of the most important elements of a Solar System – on or off grid – is the direction it faces and the angle at which the solar panels are pitched.

Two New Solar Panels


Having done some research in detail on Solar Panel Angle I had in mind exactly how we wanted and needed to set the panels in an ideal environment.  The panels would be set at 26 degrees(from horizontal).

This decision was based on a study completed at University of Queensland – UQ study shines light on Brisbane solar panel angles

So, in an ideal world our panels would be set at that angle 260.  We did not have adjustable racking systems when we arrived, but it was a high priority, and I had been looking for a solution for some time.

Then when we adjusted the panel angle on the existing(old) solar system, I got to see how simple and ingenious the old racking system was….  and decided to replicate it for the new system panels. That solar rack system is under construction now.


Now that we will have most of our 24 Solar Panels on adjustable racks we can do more to maximise their efficiency.  This means adjusting the angle of the solar panel racks on a regular basis.

After some more research and ‘deciphering’ on solar panel angle we have a lot more information and a much more detailed view on what we can achieve and what we should be doing.


Firstly, should we adjust our solar panels, and if so when and how much.?

Some resources state that adjustments could/should be made twice per year. Other advise that adjustments four times a year – with the seasons.  Our aim at this stage is to adjust the panels on a regular basis, but to minimise the effort involved.

To adjust the angle twice per year we would most likely chose:

March 14th
September 29th

To adjust the angle twice per year we would most likely chose:

February 23rd
April 8th
September 4th
October 8th




More to Follow…



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