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We had collected some Lomandra confertifolia seeds from our local Lomandras and we had had a good result from germinating them in a large tray.

It was now time to plant them out into tubes.

We had let the seedlings mature in the large seed tray and the plants were healthy and well rooted.

Each seedling is dug out and placed into a forest tube with our seedling mix.

The seedling mix is our usual mix of mushroom compost, mountain soil, forest mulch, lime and organic dynamic lifter.  We then sieve this mix through a 10mm screen.

This leaves us with a fine loose aerated mix that works really well with seedlings.


The new seedlings in tubes are then placed in a rack and nurtured for a few days  till established.

The tray is keep in a mostly shaded area and then seedlings are watered twice a day

We now have more than 200 Lomandra confertifolia seedlings – a vital component of our erosion prevention and repair.

Propagating Lomandra confertifolia
Propagating Lomandra confertifolia