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Shionagh had been asking for a while and it was time we made her life a little easier by installing a Dishwasher.

Not normally a big thing..  but living off-grid means it has consequences.

We have to think about..

  • Electricity use and Amp usage
  • Water Usage
  • Pump strength
  • Plumbing capacity
  • Grey Water


So it took us a while to chose a Dishwasher and assess its impact when running.

Once we got the info, the decision was made and Appliances Online delivered our new Dishwasher and Stove


Dishwasher Installed

Installing the Dishwasher required a bit of tricky plumbing and removal of a cupboard in the kitchen.

There was some extra work required when the dishwasher would not fit inside the under bench space because of the position of the tap. So we had to use the smallest fittings we could find to make it all fit.

Once we got the right bits in the right place on the right angle…  it all fitted in place.

Dishwasher plumbing
Dishwasher plumbing

The outlet from the Dishwasher fitted neatly on to the loop in the kitchen sink drain and was secured with a Ringclip.

We ran the shortest smallest cycles when we first started the dishwasher and noted the electrical use and the flow out through to the Grey Water.

All appeared to working well and as expected.


We will now run it on sunny days, in the middle of the day and only when required.

Water usage should improve too. Studies have long shown that Dishwashers are more water efficient than ‘washing up’.


and Shionagh is happy  🙂

Dishwasher plumbing



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