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Today we got the final touches done to the new Banana Bed.

With a bit of luck our bananas will now thrive and give us a few bunches to enjoy.

To finish the bed we just needed to add a couple more old fence posts to the wall, and then fill in. The posts fitted together well and sat nicely on the slope of the hill.

The Northern side is 4 (horizontal) posts high and the Western side is 3. They fitted together well and will be secured later.

Main Tank and Overflow rock drain

As always, water control was a big part of finishing this bed.

We widened and lengthened the main tank overflow rock drain  so that it reached the Banana Bed and had plenty of support.This drain will now drain the tank pad, the Compost Bins and the Banana Bed area.

We also added a small rock drain at the far(western) end of the Banana Bed.

This area, is an area of known water concentration i big rains so it needed to have excellent drainage.

Main Tank and Overflow rock drain
Banana Bed rock drain

This was the last piece of major(ish) work to be done on the tank level.

Our focus will now be on completing the North wall on the Dragonfruit level. It will be a long hot Summer out there in the North.



We secured the horizontal posts with 125mm (pre-drilled)  Coach Screws. This will hold them in place but will not stand up to any major force.

Bananas - finished



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