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Bees and Water!  A dangerous subject….  but an important one.

Bees are a vital part of the world environment and here at Arborlon they play an important and indispensable role across the gardens and the forest.

With that said…  we do no interfere with our bees in any way.  No sugary water.  No special bees bridges etc.  Stuff you might have seen on FB etc.

We do however continuously create habitat, and we continuously plant new flowering trees and plants.

Bees at our water habitat

And as you can see, we have accessible water in many places for Bees and all other animals.

Bees have been here and in this environment a hell of a lot longer than us and know what to do when they are needing water or sustenance.

So our primary focus should be maintaining their current habitat and replacing the flowering trees and plants that have been destroyed previously.

  • Plant a flowering tree.(Food)
  • Build a water habitat(Water)
  • Don’t remove logs and fallen branches.(Habitat)


Our bees are plentiful and healthy, and we aim to keep that that way.




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