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In lots of photos you may have seen the ‘blue snake’ across the lawn on the plot level.  That was the Plot hose connected to the Plot irrigation…

Well we finally got it ‘buried’ and completed.

Plot Irrigation - Tap

It wasn’t a huge job..  but it was one of these jobs we had just put off for ages.

All we had to do was install a new tap inline, on the current plot tap, and hook up and bury the irrigation piping that connects it to the irrigation setup in the Main Plot.

After digging a trench through the lawn from tap to plot, it was just a matter of connecting irrigation elements and attaching them to the current irrigation setup.


And that was about it…….

Everything went together as planned.  No adjustments were needed for the existing irrigation.

When tested it all worked perfectly!


We may(one day) automate the sprinkler times for the Main Plot irrigation, but right now it suits us to have manual control.


Plot Irrigation - Finished



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