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The Fire Deck has been finished for a while now, and we are working on the surrounding gardens.

As always these gardens will feature local and non-indigenous native plants and establishing plants that can survive the blistering heat that this area gets in Summer.

Having already completed the Fire Deck South Garden it was time for the North Garden to take shape.

Fire Deck - North Garden
Fire Deck - North Garden - North View

The ‘North Garden’ is formed by a rock bank wall, the northern edge of the Fire Deck and a sleeper border on the eastern side.

Though the ground here is incredibly hard and baked we had enough space and soil depth to get some good plants in the ground.

The garden features a Narrow-leaved Bottle tree(Brachychiton rupestris) as the main feature.  A neighbouring Midgen Berry(Austromyrtus dulcis) will fill the ground space.

The deck edge is planted with Blue Flax Lillys(Dianella brevipedunculata) and Lomandra hystrix.

We have plans to add Lomandra Multiflora on the front edge when we find some.

Fire Deck - North Garden

The ground here is incredibly hard and the topsoil that was here is long gone or hard-baked.

To plant the Bottle Tree we needed to dig a big enough hole for the root ball etc in this hard ground.

That required a crow bar and pick  – that’s how hard the ground is!

The hole was twice as big as the root mass of the tree and we filled it with our usual mix of compost, organic blood and bone, and calcium.  The Bottle tree fitted perfectly.

We did not plant the Midgen straight away as we wanted to find something to place it in, within the garden.  As mentioned the Multifloras were not available yet…  so we had to wait.

Fire Deck - North Garden - Finished
Fire Deck - North Garden - Finished
Fire Deck - North Garden - Finished

With the North Garden finished we have completed most of the Fire Deck landscaping.  It is a good feeling.

Now we just have to do the West side of the FIre Deck.  That might take a little more thought and effort.

Stay tuned.




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