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Among the many bird species found here we have local Pied Curawongs.  They are a daily bird here and their call always reminds us of when we first moved here.

They are entertaining birds and our local ones are all called Penny(Penny Curra Wong – get it 🙂 )

That said they have one annoying habit – they vomit in our water habitats!

Pied Currawongs regurgitate the seed they cannot digest from the berrys and that they have eaten.  Quite often in a pellet form.

But the ‘pellet’ doesnt stay a ‘pellet’ when it is regurgitated in a water habitat.

Currawong Curry
Currawong Curry

The pellet dissolves and the undigested seed are left in the water habitat.

We call this “Currawong Curry”  Often it is our chillies and peppers that ‘Penny’ has eaten..and then returned the seeds to us.


There is also a serious njote to this. Birds in Backyards reports that Currawongs can aid in the spread of weeds becuase they thrive on the berries of ornamental plants. 

one regurgitated pellet from a Pied Currawong contained over 60 privet seeds.

So Currawong Curry can be a serious thing.  We have endeavoured to remove ALL the exotic plants and tree across the property and we have achieved a lot.  BUt the job is still not complete.




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