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The question is often asked  – Is feeding Native Birds bad for them/unhealthy/dangerous?

We have read many pages and posts on this subject and there is little factual and supported information available that makes a sound argument for one case for the other. (Though it appears lots of people have opinions on the subject.)

That was until we heard Associate Professor Darryl Jones – Deputy Director of the Environmental Futures Centre at Griffith University’s School of Environment on ABC Radio.


Have a listen to him here – Feeding Birds – ABC Radio


We believe that the birds that visit us, do so only for short periods, and they only receive a small amount of seed/food from us.  The majority of their time is spent in the natural environment doing what birds do, and eating what birds eat.

Our regular visitor – Charlie the male King Parrot – comes to see us most mornings and evenings.  He has a snack of Sunflower Seeds, and then goes on his way.

So the analogy we use is…   “He has stopped in for a Cuppa and a Tim Tam”

King Parrot Acacia

The fact that he then goes off and spends his day doing “bird things” was shown quite clearly the other day when I was working down the hill below the house.  As we have mentioned, he often follows us around the property, and he did this day.  So while I worked, he sat quietly in a tree next to me munching on the seeds of a Australian Blackwood(Acacia melanoxylon).  Quite clearly showing that he was not dependent on the seeds he gets from us.

The other element that supports our view that we are doing no harm, is the extraordinary amount of natural food the native animals across our property, and in the surrounding area.  We grow produce and vegetables in multiple places across the property.. and bar some early Brush Turkey(Alectura lathami) action, no animal has taken any of your produce.

They have enough to eat.


So feed your local birds, don’t overfeed them(That is bad for every animal), and enjoy their company.

We love our local birds…and it appears they love us too.






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