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Just in front of the new Compost Bins is the old Banana stand.  It has been here for a long time and occasionally pops a bunch of bananas.

So we are going to keep it, and give it a better bed to grow in.

You can see in the top pic that the Bananas essentially use to hold the tank in place.  With it’s 140 slope the tank was in danger of slipping down the valley, but the Bananas kept the it in place.

With the tank now moved and the Compost Bins finished we could create the bed for the Bananas

As luck would have it, we had just picked up some old hardwood fence posts from a local source.  We used these posts to form the wall/bed around the bottom of the banana stand.

The Banana Bed

We filled the bed with mountain soil, compost, banana fronds, and topped it with mushroom compost and mulch mix.

The aim is to increase the amount of organic material available to the Bananas, and to keep the bed as free-draining as possible as the compost bin are is an area of water concentration.

The Banana Bed

To get the bed and the base as level as possible, we will have to built the ‘wall’ up with  a number of old posts and then secure them together in some way.

With this project almost finished, the Tank Level is almost complete.