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We have made a few Bee Hotels and have them hanging on the house deck.

They have worked really well and been occupied mainly by wasps and small native bees.

So we have decided to upscale to a new High-Rise Bee Hotel.

We picked up some old fence posts through our local community notice board and some of them are quite larger ex-strainer posts.

So we took one of these and made a large Bee Hotel.

High-Rrise-Bee Hotel
High-Rrise-Bee Hotel

We took the fence post and drilled a large number of holes in it.  We varied the size and depth of these holes so that we can offer different ‘accommodation’ to different insects.

When finished we placed the Bee Hotel on the North side of the driveway with it’s open side facing the South.  This should protect it from the harsh heat of the day.

The timber is untreated hardwood, so we think it will offer a good solid home to some of the local insects, especially the native bees.

Now we just have to wait until someone moves in.