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Some rain in December and early January brought things back to life including the insect life.  Right now we have a plethora of Butterflies surrounding the house.

As well as a lot of other interesting beasties.


We have planted a number of plants across the property to increase butterfly-attracting tree population.

There are Citrus trees near the house including a number of Bush Lemons(Naturalised), Limes, Oranges, and Mandarins. 

These are often used by the resident butterflies and moths and we have seen up to around 15 caterpillars on single trees.


Additionally we have a Butterfly garden in the South Gully.  This planted with Pavettas(Pavetta australiensis), Bush Lemon, Native Wisteria and Richmond Birdwing Vine.


Down the page you will find some more interesting visitors and you can find out more about our Butterflies




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