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One of our many aims her at Arborlon, was to plant plants.. and trees. As many as possible using sensibly and thoughtfully and environmentally sound principles.

We have had great help from our friends Yoorala St Community Garden, the Save Our Waterways Network(SOWN), Paten Park Native Nursery and the local Wildlife Officer of the Scenic Rim Council, amongst many other people.

So we have been planting since we arrived here, and have been collecting propogating, potting and noting all the trees and plants across our 50 acres.


Today we spent part of the day planting and potting again.  Native plants are always our focus, so today included;

  • Firewheel Tree(Stenocarpus sinuatus)
  • Bush Lemon(Citrus jambhiri) – (Naturalised as opposed to native)
  • Sweet Hakea(Hakea drupacea)
  • Moreton Bay Fig(Ficus macrophylla)
  • Australian Blackwood(Acacia melanoxylon)

..and lots of others.


Planting plants


Our plant nursery now has over 95 plants in pots ready to go when they have either matured, or the area for planting is ready.





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