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Running alongside about 5km of our property’s boundary is Lamington Nation Park Rd.  This long windy road leads from our local town Canungra up the mountain to the Green Mountain section of Lamington National Park.

There are things we dislike about the road – eg: slow traffic, but there are many more things that bring us a little joy and comfort on the road to.

The road itself is very windy, uphill all the way and extremely narrow in places.  Trees regularly fall across it, and rocks fall onto the road every day…   but especially after significant rain.

Warning Sign - Lamington National Park Rd

There is an upside to the rocks that fall onto the road..  and that is that they become building materials for us.


But having said that..  it is not our job to be clearing the road.  It is the responsibility of the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads via the Scenic Rim Regional Council.  Not that you would see anyone from either organisation up here before 3 days have passed after rain.

So we clean up our section of the road, for the benefit of all.  The drivers, the residents, the other business owners up here, the tourists and for us, as we have to deal with drivers dodging rocks and driving very unsafely.


More to follow…




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