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Apologies for sounding like a broken record…  but we still haven’t had any rain.

The last decent rain we had was in March 2019 and that is now 5 months ago.  Our Winters are dry normally, but we have received well less than average for each month since March.

This was preceded by our second poor wet season(Summer) in a row.  Summer is when we get our big rain(usually) with most months over Summer averaging(median) over 100mm  of rain.

The last two Summers have given us very few months where this average was achieved.

Additionally, it is quite usual for us to have a large rain event once or twice a year – between 100-400mm in a day – but we have not had BIG rain since the Cyclone in early 2017

It gets depressing looking out over the forest at the failing trees and changing colours and views.  Our green forest is now brown and grey.

We have struggled to keep everything alive in the garden areas of the property and have so far this year brought in over 50,000 litres of water

Of course rain will come…   we hope, but the progression of Climate Change and inaction on the part of governments does not make that a certainty.

This may be our new weather.

Lemon-scented Tea Tree - Almost dead
South Path - Drought
Aniseed Myrtle - Dead in the ground



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