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Being a windy mountain road in the South East of Queensland….  we are beset by hoon idiots on most weekends.

Those who live on Mt Nebo Rd, Beechmont Rd, Springbrook Rd etc will know exactly what we are talking about.

So we have a never ending battle with these hoon idiots who come up here to ‘drift’ and ‘do burnouts’.

Essentially every weekend some racy boy(or girl) is up here trying to prove they are a bigger idiot than the next guy and they leave tyre rubber and garbage all over the road.

This time however a little karma was visited upon them.

Just above Sarabah Rd it appears one of the little petals put a wheel off the road while drifting, and lost control.  Being the excellent driver that they were, they managed to fishtail their way across the road and up the hill till they collided with a large road sign.

How’s that for precision driving!


Skid Marks on Lamington National Park Rd
Smashed Road Sign - Lamington National Park Rd
Smashed Road Sign - Lamington National Park Rd

So after leaving few pieces of their car on the side of the road, and causing the taxpayer a few thousand dollars worth of damage… they scurried off back down the mountain.

We will mark that as a win for us, and maybe one racy boy/girl will think twice about using Lamington national Park Rd as their personal raceway.

As I write this post!!!….  some tool is doing burnouts just below our place!  Grr!

Little do they know we have the Police Hoon Line on speed-dial, and I can be filling out the Hoon Report Form as they go back towards Canungra.





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