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It’s finished!

At long last we have the Compost Wall finished and complete.  Just a little landscaping to do.

We got the last of the post in yesterday, and we had enough timber left to completely finish the wall.

Compost Wall - Last Post

While the rest of the wall was mostly straight forward, this part of the wall had to step down alongside the old back steps.  It also had to hold back the orchard bank, and allow us access from the Orchard.

So we added some length to the bottom horizontals that form the wall.  We used 3 m sleepers to get the full length, and then cut back each upward sleeper by 200 mm in order to get a stepped effect.

Compost Wall - Finished
Compost Wall - Finished

The ‘stepping’ worked well and matched the slope of the hill , so steps or stairs should be an easy job.

With the wall finished we can get on with the Compost Bays which we sorely need.  We have Worms Farms and Compost Bins, but nothing on the scale of what we need.

Three large Mulch/Compost bays will be built here in front of the wall, as well as storage for tools and timber.


Having finished the wall it was certified by the local building inspectors.(See below)

Compost Wall - Inspoectors



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