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The rain we have received over the last few days has filled the big house water tank.

So I got to see the water tank overflow diffuser that we made in action. With the few mm of rain we received to day it will not be flowing with any great volume…  but it was working as intended.


Our main(23,000 litre) tank is below the house and takes all the rain water from the house roof.  The overflow goes out the back of the tank and then down into the gully behind the house.

Main water tank overflow and diffuser
Main water tank overflow and diffuser

Previously unrestrained overflow has poured down into the gully and it has caused a number of washouts on the hill and below the bottom road.

So we added the diffuser to help spread the flow of water across a greater area.

With the water tank overflowing it was the first time we could see it in action and it appears to work perfectly(see video)

Now we just have to wait for a big test in the summer rains at the end of the year.

Fingers crossed we actually get some big rain.