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Managing the water that flows over the property in big rain events is an ongoing job. Today we ‘finished’ the first South path rock drain and it’s downhill flow area.

The rock drain catches water flowing from the driveway and road after it is diverted by the ‘Woah Boy” at the start of the South Path. The drain has been in place now since we started the South Path wall, and it has functioned well and stopped any erosion occurring in the last 18 months or so.

As we are now directing water, that used to flow down the South Path, we need to make sure that the water that flows through the drain does not create an erosion problem below the drain.

South Path Rock Drain

So we have reinforced the drain with another rock layer covering the ground below the drain and planted 60+ Lomandras(hystrix and longifolia) in the hill below the drain.

To keep the rocks in place (until the Lomandras grow) we place a old hardwood split post horizontally across the downhill side of the drain.  We then planted the Lomandras and filled back up the hill with rocks.

South Path Rock Drain

With this vegetation in place and the additional rock added to the drain we have ensured  that if we get another deluge like March/April last year the top of the South path will be in good shape to deal with the water.