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It’s that time again, and this time we can adjust all our newly installed adjustable solar racks.

It has taken a while but we are very pleased with them and the increase in efficiency is already paying off.

As the seasons change from Winter to Spring it is time to adjust our solar panels again and decrease the angle to accommodate the sun moving further overhead.

Solar Panel Adjustable Rack
Solar Panel Adjustable Rack

We previously outlined our timetable for adjusting our solar panels. We are a little delayed due to us installing the last of the adjustable racks over the last week or so.

But it is now time to decrease the angle of the panels to ensure that the sun is perpendicular to the panels for the maximum number of hours in the day.

As Summer approaches and the Sun moves further South, it appears higher and higher in the sky, so the panels are lowered to take advantage of that position of the sun.

New Adjustable Solar Panel Rack

You can find out more about our adjustable solar racks here.